Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I learned in the first month of being a new Mommy . . . . .

I finally found my list of what I learned . . . .

  1. It's not how I thought it would be.  It's better!!!!
  2. Men think they have all the answers -- and I'm not talking about my husband.  I receive more advice from men on sleeping and taking care of the baby.  They think every child is just like their child.
  3. Time flies!!
  4. I have much more patience with my own child that I have with others.
  5. I fall more in love with my husband every day.
  6. I don't mind changing every diaper, feeding, and bathing my daughter every day.
  7. I love breastfeeding.  I miss her when Daddy feeds her.
  8. I can spend the entire day just looking at her.
  9. There is no such thing as a schedule.
  10. A pacifier is not the devil!!!
  11. Don't worry if you don't have a pediatrician picked out . . . you might like the one on call.
  12. The nurses do all the work -- Treat them nice!!
  13. Just because her eyes are closed does not mean she is asleep!!!
  14. Somehow they know when you sit down . . . 
  15. They really do know their Mommy!!

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