Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's amazing how different, but in good ways, that your children are.

My husband and I have Madisyn (7 years old), Sofie (2 years old), Luke (we lost him at 22 weeks and miss him dearly everday) and now we have one more on the way! 
1.  Madisyn is the most soft spoken, caring child that I have ever met (I may be partial :)).  She would give her last piece of food to a starving person, she comforts people when they are sad and wouldn't hurt a fly.
2.  Sofie...oh where do I start.  She is the least shy and her own boss (well she thinks that at least...hehe).  I just think, oh boy, when she really starts talking and creating sentences, I cringe when I think about how opinionated she will be. 
3.  So this leads me to the baby that we have on the way.  Maybe she (we'll find out next month) will be a beautiful mixture of both of them :).  But my head is telling me that she is going to follow in Sofie's footsteps.

I love my children no matter how shy, outgoing or opinionated they are.  They are special in their own special way and most of all, my children are the greatest blessing that God could've gave me.  They teach me each and everyday, but most of all, I think they teach myself and others unconditional love.

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