Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How the smallest things can remind you of your kids

The post that I just recently blogged about in regards to husband and wife alone time, leads me to this posting.  Like I said before, we all need our alone time with our spouses, but it just surprises me how the most annoying thing to some people can be the one thing that makes us miss our child/children when we're away from them.

When my husband and I were out to dinner after the football game, we were having a nice dinner and talking more than we had talked about nonsense in such a long while.  Everything was going great and I wasn't wanting the night to end until....I heard a kicking and screaming kid!  Yes, that can be annoying to someone or most people, but it saddened me.  It reminded me of one of the best things I am in my life besides a wife, A Mother.  When I heard that child scream, I told my husband, that reminds me of our kids.  I was then ready to go home and give my kids the biggest hug and kiss and never let go.  Now I'm not saying that my kids are out of control, but we all have those screamers and kickers at times.

God put me on earth for a number of reasons and I know two of them are being a wife and mother.  I love being both, but coming home everyday and seeing my kids smiles and getting there hugs and kisses is the greatest reward in life. 

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