Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everyone needs husband and wife alone time

My husband and I, like most parents, don't get too much alone/date nights.  He owns a business, so his hours are usually long and most of the time you never know how to plan your evening or even weekends.  Therefore, when we do make plans, it's always at the last minute.  But he is the greatest husband and dad that I could ever ask for. 

So since we don't get alot of alone time, usually once a year, he usually plans something wonderful.  We're huge Colt's fans, even though the season is awful this year, but we stick with them through the bad times.  For my birthday, he bought us Colt's football tickets on Sunday.  I had a hunch, but he didn't officially tell me until Saturday evening and I didn't even know where our seats were until we sat down.  Needless to say, he hit the jackpot with our seats and I was speechless. 

Even though it was just a football game and a dinner, we needed that alone time.  I believe every couple needs that, because sometimes we all get caught up in our crazy busy lives and forgot what is mostly important...the love you and your spouse share. 

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